Siegfried Speaker


Динамическая головка SiegfriedWagner Audio Lablaunches Siegfried Speaker which sets a new standard of quality.

Our numerous experiments proved that every element of the driver assembly is vital because each one of them has a palpable effect on sound. Any engineering solution can’t do without relying on material, shape or manufacturing technologies of the driver.

While designing the speaker we were guided by the following concept: since each of the driver’s components (a basket, a speaker cone, a voice coil etc.) gives a unique tinge to sound, the component’s contribution to the overall sound image has to be entirely positive and melodious.

ЛитьеStarting from this concept a special material for the basket was selected: it is cast from bell metal. Anyothermaterialmayoversimplifyoraggravatesound. I.e. aluminum basket deteriorates the speaker sound making it dark and dull.

The basket has two ribs turning into a massive base. For instance a middle-range speaker basket weighs 6 kilos. A core is made of NEOMAX magnet which is currently regarded as one of the materials with the highest magnetic efficiency. These engineering solutions helped lessen the core mass with simultaneous improvement of the so called the ‘attack factor’.

КолоколаNow let’s talk about the voice coil in some concise details. As a rule the classic coil has two layers of winding connected in series. This structure inevitably causes excessive cross-influence of the winding layers.  We used a multi-layer coil made of several layers wound with thin wire and connected in parallel. This approach eliminated most of the unwanted interferences. By the way, such a coil can be wound only manually.

After a lot of experiments, measuring and listening tests we came to a surprising result when the sum of construction particulars, materials and manufacturing technologies comprised a synergy i.e. a positive net effect. A combination of a paper cone made of a specially processed cellulose, a suede suspension, a multi-layer voice coil, NEOMAX magnet and a basket cast from bell metal brings a noble note to this driver’s sound making it totally correct and harmonious. Any other solutions would’ve detracted from the sound.

ДинамикиThis unique driver unit is named Siegfried Speaker.

We regard our speakers to be worthy of reproducing voices of the greatest performers and musical instruments. In other words the transducer’s quality equals that of the performers. That’s why we pay so much attention to the dynamic driver as the main element of a loudspeaker.

Each driver unit is meant to reproduce a specific range of audio frequencies. We use the unified Siegfried driver design adapting it to reproduction of a particular frequency range. In the same manner a violin or a viola, a cello or a double-bass whilst playing on different frequencies makes up a harmoniousensemble. We’re sure that a loudspeaker with identically structured transducers sounds like a unified ensemble — the way musical instruments do.

We’ve found solution so unique it’s not suitable for an in-line production. And we don’t want to manufacture these drivers in a conveyorized way because Siegfrieds are to satisfy even the most demanding customers.