Double Ring Capacitor


Capacitors play a crucial role in the design of an audio device. For a long time Wagner Audio Lab team carried out research work to build a capacitor fully compliant with high standards of sound quality for both professional and consumer equipment. In 2016 our efforts were rewarded with success – an innovative capacitor structure was found enabling to substantially improve the sound of diverse audio components. The resulting Double Ring capacitor was tested in comparison with similar items (some very expensive) from well-known brands. According to expert opinion Double Ring surpassed these products invariably.

This technical solution was derived from further developments of ‘symmetrized’ wire and litz technology we’ve been focusing on lately (see True Symmetry technology). The structure of Double Ring capacitor radically differs from a traditional one based on metal plates or foil ribbons.

Imagine a coil wound with litz wire. Turning it into a circular closed circuit we get a ‘symmetrized’ winding. If you cut each litz strand in two taking into account its direction and lead out a separate output from each half you end up with a genuine capacitor. Moreover it has several advantages over traditional capacitors. First, its plates are high quality copper; secondly, it’s symmetrical to signal direction and finally, such a capacitor is a natural extension of a cable, therefore signal never passes through the ‘junctions’ of different materials. Thus we put an end to the so called diode effect caused by unidirectionality of conductors.

Double Ring capacitor

Double Ring capacitors are relatively bulky and expensive to manufacture, but their quality is unsurpassed.

Installing Double Ring capacitors into any audio component (a sound source, amp, converter etc.) really opens up the sound endowing the sound stage with spaciousness and better image displacement. And the more Double Ring capacitors are installed in the device the more pronounced is their impact on sound.