Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. I want to buy electronic components Wagner Audio Lab. Can I use your cables with them?

A. We recommend you to use our cables TrueSymmetry. These cables are specially designed and manufactured for our equipment and give a very good result. In addition, we must remember that all wiring inside the components is also made in accordance with the TrueSymmetry technology and of the same material - copper litz wires. It does not have problems of joining materials at the various cables from the signal output component and a component input. Use of other cables may lead to a deterioration of sound, and in this case we can not guarantee the result.

Q. I have a good DAC, which I like, but it is without a USB input. I would like to use a separate converter USB-SPDIF. Do you plan to release it?

A. We believe that the use of a single USB-SPDIF converter degrades sound, compared with a built-in DAC, and are not going to release it. More information can be found on the page «USB-module TUC». However, we can manufacture a separate converter if commissioned, but it will be expensive. It is better to just buy our DAC DreamDAC.

Q. I know that in the DAC DreamDAC exist a volume control. Can I connect it to the preamplifier?

A. Yes, you can. But you must understand that the use of the preamplifier eliminates two advantages of our SuperR2R technology, namely the shortest possible audio path and simultaneous control of a new type of volume. Firstly, there is an additional element between the DAC and the power amplifier, which inevitably makes noise and distortion, and secondly, our volume control does not degrade the sound, as do digital or analog control. Of course, we do not recommend using a preamp and connect DAC DreamDAC directly to the power amplifier.