Research and development

Wagner Audio Lab has its own research base. We are ready to make a study on your project, to develop a professional or household equipment, parts or components for them according to your specifications and also sell licenses to existing development.

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Supply of parts and components

Supply of components produced by Wagner Audio Lab, including:

  • Matrices Super R2R
  • TUC USB-module
  • Siegfried speaker
  • symmetrized wires and cables True Symmetry
  • capacitors Double Ring
  • WALab transformers and other components

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Recording and archiving vinyl

Creating a perfect apparatus for recording and reproduction of sound, we use a proven record method unreported us to perfection. All this we are ready to use almost anywhere in the world.

We know what an important place in the life of the music lover belongs vinyl collection. And, realizing this, we suggest to order the service of archiving records in your home.

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Design and installation of home theaters

Project development and production of a special set of prestigious level of quality equipment for home theaters. Selection of the necessary equipment in place, installation, calibration and setup will create a home theater of your dreams!

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Installation in boats

Design and manufacture of equipment for special operating conditions taking into account the high and low temperatures, high humidity, vibration, exposure to sunlight and salt water. All audio equipment (sound sources, loudspeakers, amplifiers, cables, etc.) is designed and manufactured by hand to ensure maximum reliability and high quality sound for playing both quiet chamber music and rock music at high volume. Music and sound natural on your yacht is guaranteed thanks to Wagner Audio Lab own technologies and developments.

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Installation in vehicles

The development of audio systems for the prestigious class of car manufacturers.

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Installation in aircrafts

Design and manufacture of equipment for business jets with a high level of reliability and comfort. Own research base and the existing experience in the development of military equipment allow to provide the required parameters of the equipment without compromising sound quality. The materials used (aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber, a coating of silver and gold), not only conform to the data on the ease and reliability, but also contribute to the achievement of the highest level of premium quality aesthetics.

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