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WALab Balanced Microphone

WALab condenser balanced microphone is intended for professional music recording in concert halls or studios. It has several technical features which make it possible to obtain a recording with excellent specs and above all to achieve high quality of sound.

The main feature of this microphone is complete symmetry of its design — from the diaphragm case up to the output transformer. Due to balance circuits the induced common mode noise and harmonic distortions are mutually compensated whilst wanted signal is summed up and its amplitude is increased. Unlike the majority of other microphones which lack a balanced diaphragm case, WALab microphoneisfullybalanced.

The microphone’s diaphragm case is truly unique for it contains not one but two windings. The case’s diameter is large (33 mm). Directional pattern is cardioid with frequency response stretching out from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. If sound wave’s incidence angle is low the frequency response widens up to 5 Hz — 40 kHz. 

Microphone amplifier is fully balanced too. Operating in class A it has two inputs and two outputs. As expected from a balanced amplifier it is characterized by a combination of low interferences/distortions with high level of output signal. 

The output signal is summed up by means of a special transformer designed in Wagner Audio Lab’s workshop. We’re talking about WALab transformer; its detailed description can be found in the Technologies section. The transformer has unique frequency response and withstands substantial overload — these specs exceed those of a typical transformer by a wide margin. As a result distortions are significantly lowered even while recording signals of high amplitude and wide frequency response. Transformer decoupling from ADC also diminishes induced interference and stray currents on the ground bus. 

Microphone amplifier circuit contains minimal number of capacitors; moreover, they are manufactured by the special Double Ring technology to exclude their negative effect on sound. 

All abovementioned technical features of the microphone (fully balanced circuit, WALab transformer and Double Ring capacitors) make it possible to record sounds the way we hear them. 

WALab balanced microphone gives excellent results and is successfully used by us for 3 microphone recording. 

Main technical specifications: 

Type of converter: condenser, Ø 33-mm membrane

Directional pattern: of cardioid type

Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Sensitivity: 35 mV/Pa

Equivalent sound pressure caused by microphone’s noise: 4 dBА                                            

Ultimate sound pressure Uout max. -10 V (0,3%): 142 dB

Microphone’s frequency response depending on the sound wave’s incidence angle.

WALab balanced microphone is available in three versions:

Solo (photo on the left) – a microphone with a single diaphragm case (its description and specs are given above);

Duet – a microphone with two diaphragm cases in a single housing; it can be used for 2 microphone recording;

Trio (photo on the right) – a microphone with three diaphragm cases in a single housing; a compact device to be used for 3 microphone recording.

All WALab microphone versions are available on request.

AudioArchiver ADC

AudioArchiver is a unique analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which will help to retain exactly rare recording available in analog form only. Unfortunately, the analog recordings on magnetic tape or vinyl disc are not permanent. Turn them into digital form, and they will delight you for many years. Moreover, these sources, for example, vinyl records will be kept.

ADC AudioArchiver is built with discrete components without the use of typical converter micro scheme. By its architecture it resembles our digital-to-analog converter circuitry SuperR2R, but as if in a mirror image.

As the DAC, it provides the highest degree of reliability of conversion, only in this case - from the analog signal into a digital code.

This device, due to the uniqueness and complexity of its design, is available in single copies, and by reservation only.

AudioArchiver is a home version of the ADC, created on the basis of professional converter, which is used for music recording at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. In this work, Wagner Audio Lab tries to achieve a maximum identity record - exactly in line with our philosophy and methodology of the sound quality evaluation T & C. A consumer version of the ADC is designed, primarily, to archive and create a music library of rare records.

AudioArchiver is an expensive apparatus and, realizing this, we also offer services to digitize records. It often happens that the performers of the music, which continues to excite the listener, are not with us, and is lost forever the magnetic master tape quality, and the only source of sound recording - it is vinyl disc. Therefore, the audio signal quality digitization is so important, since it allows to save the musical heritage.

On the other hand, the publication of old recordings on CD is not always possible to recognize as accurate sounding, because often the digitization performed by the ADC is of insufficiently high quality.

Offering services to digitize records, Wagner Audio Lab makes it possible to archive a rare recording, in order to keep them forever.