Striving for Harmony

Striving for HarmonyWithout music harmonious life is unimaginable for music expresses the beauty of the whole world by means of sounds and rhythms.

The harmony and beauty of the music images that are fully present during a live performance must also be accessible when one listens to a sound recording at home.

What means are there to achieve this goal? First, one needs an audio system than not only sounds naturally but also is capable of perpetually evoking the same feelings and emotions the live sound in a concert hall does. Moreover it has to deliver a sound image as natural as the one we enjoy when we listen to a songbird while walking in a forest or feel the breeze and the surf on a beach.

Evaluating the Sound

Evaluating the SoundBut is there a proper way to tell which system sounds better or worse? After all the so called objective evaluation methods based on measurements of a frequency response, distortion etc. don’t give a precise answer. This fact became all the more obvious with the appearance and development of digital sound. It’s no secret that a device with impeccable technical specs may sound terrible.

But who can properly estimate the level of precision with which an audio system reproduces live music? Or evaluate system’s ability to draw listeners away from their momentary concerns and into the harmony of sounds? This person is evidently the one who creates music on an everyday basis — a musician. Or— bestofall — aconductor. While conducting he hears the whole orchestra — he doesn’t have to play any particular instrument therefore his estimation of sound quality is the most objective one. 

What conductor would you trust with the estimation of your audio system? Surely you’d choose an experienced one, better still a well-known one and best of all a famous one — the one whose work is well-known to you, the one you respect. And the only system to be really trusted is that which was selected by such a conductor after a thorough examination.

Most recently, such a conductor has joined to our team! The Italian Jader Bignamini, a student of Riccardo Chailly, repeatedly recognized as the best conductor of the world, who conducts Anna Netrebko few years around the world.

Anna Netrebko, Yusif Eyvasov and Jader Bignamini

A Comprehensive Approach

A Comprehensive ApproachModern designers and manufacturers are mostly concerned with perfecting only a specific part of audio signal flow. But how to enhance sound quality as a whole and who is responsible to music lovers for the net result? A producer or a sound engineer? Amanufacturerofelectronicsorspeakers?  As it turns out it’s none of them… Unfortunately not a single brand, while offering products that can make up a complete system for both sound recording and reproduction, is capable of executing high quality audio recordings as well.  

Consequently there emerges an important task of surveying sound recording/reproduction in general and supplying it with all the required equipment — from a microphone in a concert hall or in a recording studio to a speaker system in the music lover’s quarters.

Unique Solutions

Unique SolutionsStandard solutions based on widespread chips and schematics that in a majority of cases don’t deliver precise vivacious sound are the mainstream of modern audio products. We positively disagree with such an approach and constantly look for original offbeat solutions.  


ImplementationPhoto: Denis Matsuev concert Recording in the Mariinsky Concert Hall

One can say that the idea of changing the approach to designing audio products with the help of a comprehensive method for estimation a complete audio path occurred to Wagner Audio Lab’s engineers as an answer to modern challenges. In other words the sound quality problems inherent in audio products are nothing but obvious.

In our work, a great help is the cooperation with the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. Since the autumn of 2016 we develop the cooperation with the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. The sound of the orchestra in the best halls of the country is used as a reference for the equipment evaluation.

Леонид Бурцев тестирует аудиоаппаратуру

In the photo: Chief Designer Leonid Burcev while testing WaLab audio equipment at the Bolshoi Theatre

It’s no secret that such famous musicians as Valery Gergiev, Anna Netrebko, Yuri Bashmet, Igor Butman and Denis Matsuev play a significant part in the estimation of sound quality. Their opinions are critical for accepting or rejecting specific technical solutions.

Dealing with these issues we had to adopt a new approach to some conventional engineering solutions. As a result several new and sometimes original ways of their implementation were found and patented (see ‘Technologies’ page).

The ultimate goal of Wagner Audio Lab is to achieve such realism of sound reproduction that listeners would not think about sound quality at all! This notion can be explained by rephrasing Richard Wagner’s famous words about art: music stops being itself the moment our mind starts to perceive it from the sound quality’s point of view.

If you share this opinion with us and our philosophy is congenial to you we urge you to learn more about us on the personal page of Leonid Burtsev, Wagner Audio Lab’s Chief Designer and to get a closer look at our products.

Thus, our company is primarily a developer of new solutions and the laboratory for the design, experimental work, the creation of prototypes, which, after individual components perfection achievement we pass into production. Etalon Sound is one of our partners, a production company, which has ordered the latest Wagner Audio Lab developments.