About Wagner Audio Lab


Wagner Audio Lab is an audio laboratory conducting its business activities in Germany meanwhile research is done mainly in Russia.

Wagner Audio Lab researcher’s team was made up from representatives of All-Union Scientific and Research Institute of Broadcasting Reception and Acoustics named after A. Popov* (VNIIRPA) and employees working formerly in Russian military industry.

As is generally known Russian scientific and research institutes and military enterprises have accumulated an enormous amount of scientific and technological knowledge, its results being known all over the world. To name but a few Russian scientists: Vladimir A. Kotelnikov , an outstanding scientist in the field of radio physics, electronics and computer science, who formulated the sampling theorem (1932), a theoretical basis for all digital audio devices including ADCs and DACs; Zhores I. Alferov, a Nobel Prize Winner in 2000, the researcher of semiconductor heterostructures, lasers and photodiodes. Let’s recall also the Russian scientists who worked abroad and made a considerable contribution to world science and engineering. Among them is Vladimir K. Zworykin (RCA) who invented modern television, Alexander M. Poniatoff (Ampex) who designed the first video recorder and many others.


Speaker system with magneplanar transducer (left) and the consumer speaker 100AC-103 “Orbita” (right). VNIIRPA, 1982

Unfortunately the negative tendencies in Russian economy during the 1990s caused several research institutions including VNIIRPA (and a lot of military plants) to shut down. Nevertheless the creative ideas borne in Popov’s Institute are now being realized by its former employees working with Wagner Audio Lab. So it’s natural enough that the Russian engineers continue to offer unique technologies.

For example, Wagner Audio Lab’s Chief Designer Leonid Burcev has a profound experience gained while constructing high quality audio for Burcev Audio brand. This brand’s audio components acquired high reputation among audiophiles and won numerous awards at high-end shows.

The high level of research and superior sound quality of Wagner Audio Lab products caught the attention of Valery Gergiev, a famous conductor and an artistic director of theMariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg. Fruitful cooperation with the Maestro resulted in the idea of changing the general approach to audio design and sound quality estimation. A new task was set — to reproduce at home the sound authentic to the one heard when the same music is performed live in a concert hall.

January 2017 is a turning point for the company's history. There has been several significant events, the preparation of which took a long time. First, we conducted a pilot listening to our equipment at the Bolshoi Theatre and were satisfied with the result achieved.

Secondly, we started to cooperate with an international music expert - Italian conductor Jader Bignamini, who received the highest recommendations of Anna Netrebko. This is an invaluable contribution in the development of our methods of sound quality evaluation, as well as in the production of the equipment itself.

Finally, after such a great result, it's time to start serial production of our equipment. The WaLab unique designs and devices as DreamDAC with Super R2R technology and TUC USB Module, Siegfried Speaker, Senta Phono Stage, True Symmetry Cables and others provoked the interest of a production company Etalon Sound, which decided to be engaged in its implementation.

Etalon Sound

What’s behind Wagner Audio Lab’s name? Chief Designer Leonid Burcev explains: “Why did we call ourselves Wagner Audio Lab? You see, the scale simultaneous plasticity of Wagner’s music is second to none. This music is immortal; for sheer depth and boundlessness it can be compared to the whole Universe. All-encompassing harmony perceived by Warner leaves no one indifferent.”


* Аlexander S. Popov (1859 – 1905) – a famous Russian physicist, who is acclaimed in his homeland and some other countries as the inventor of radio; VNIIRPA institute was named after him. 

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